We started conceptualizing the Asia Solidarity Lab during an especially tough time for the world. On top of adding complexity to everyone’s growing concern over the climate crisis, this pandemic heightened sharp inequalities, rendering those who are already marginalized twice vulnerable to societal shocks.

In the beginning, our tagline for this event, “sow hope, reap solidarity” seemed like such an impossible task. How do you, with a straight face, actually ask people to keep hoping and believing in the face of so much suffering? At a time when the mere act of hitting refresh on our newsfeeds showed us even more reasons to be paralyzed by fear, what’s the use of yet another online event when we could just go and carry on the work of collective care and mutual aid offline without having to wax poetic about it?

I’m still navigating my personal answers to these questions. But what changed is I know now that I am not alone.

I am not alone because more than twenty organizations came onboard and built this space with me. I am not alone because hundreds of people from over forty countries have registered to collectively reflect on our hurt, our frustrations, our dreams, and our visions. I am not alone because we have decided that when combined, our capacity to hold space for both grief and breakthroughs is boundless.

I am not alone, I was never alone, and I will never be alone in this fight. Will you help invite more people to join?

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The Asia Solidarity Lab, happening this Thursday, is about inviting those in diverse fights to share in the process of building a better future together. Will you share this invitation with two friends or family members who you’d like to be included in this collective moment?

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