About the Asia Solidarity Lab


Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, which disproportionately affected marginalized communities and exacerbated global inequalities, the Asia Solidarity Lab was conceived as a platform for solidarity and collective action. The pandemic highlighted the urgent need for interconnected movements to address the intertwined crises of public health, economic instability, and climate change. This realization inspired the creation of the Asia Solidarity Lab, aiming to bring together diverse movements to strategize, reflect, and build a regenerative future.

The inaugural Asia Solidarity Lab was a virtual gathering, leveraging digital platforms to overcome the constraints imposed by the pandemic. The event built on the success of the Global Just Recovery Gathering and previous Asia Climate Leadership Camps, offering a space for climate, gender justice, human rights, and youth movements to unite. Participants engaged in learning sessions, breakout discussions, and cultural exchanges, culminating in a collective manifesto. The overwhelming response and the profound impact of these interactions demonstrated the power of solidarity and the potential for transformative change.

Inspired by the success and the need for continuous collaboration, the organization committed to maintaining and further developing the Asia Solidarity Lab. The experience underscored the importance of creating inclusive, intergenerational, and intersectional spaces for activists to connect, learn, and co-create solutions. By evolving into a hybrid format and integrating focused fellowships, the Asia Solidarity Lab continues to empower youth organizers, foster community care, and build resilient movements. This ongoing commitment ensures that the spirit of solidarity and collective action remains at the heart of efforts to achieve climate and social justice in Asia and beyond.

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