About the Asia Solidarity Lab Fellowship


The Asia Solidarity Lab Fellowship is a transformative program designed to empower Asian youth activists by equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to lead intersectional climate justice campaigns. This fellowship is a cornerstone of our broader mission to foster a strong, united movement for climate justice across the region. By focusing on energy justice and just transitions, the fellowship aims to develop leaders who can effectively advocate for sustainable and equitable solutions to the climate crisis.

Throughout the program, fellows participate in a series of group sessions, pair work, and community consultations. These activities are structured to enhance their organizing skills and deepen their understanding of climate justice. The fellowship emphasizes practical training, including workshops on multimedia storytelling, finance campaigning, and training design. Fellows are also encouraged to lead their own community consultations, ensuring that their campaigns are informed by and responsive to the needs of their local communities. This hands-on approach not only builds individual capacity but also fosters a supportive network of young leaders committed to collaborative action.

The Asia Solidarity Lab Fellowship culminates in the Asia Solidarity Lab, a hybrid mass training event where fellows design and facilitate training sessions. This capstone event serves as a platform for fellows to showcase their learnings and expand their impact by training others. By the end of the fellowship, participants are not only prepared to lead effective climate justice campaigns but are also integrated into a regional network of activists dedicated to ongoing collaboration and support. This fellowship represents a critical step towards building a resilient and unified movement for climate justice in Asia.