Asia Solidarity Lab

Sow hope, reap solidarity.

August 26-28, 2021


With the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately affecting the already marginalized and the climate crisis intensifying sharp inequalities all over the world, movements everywhere have been working hard to re-center ourselves and collectively link up to build people power.

The Asia Solidarity Lab on August 26 - 28 2021 is an opportunity to come together to reflect on how we can genuinely stand in solidarity with each other’s fights, uplift local struggles and solutions, and unite our calls towards regenerative movement-building for the good of all.

The event builds on the success of the Global Just Recovery Gathering in April and the previous Asia Climate Leadership Camps. Aside from longtime collaborators, we hope this event will be accessible to people outside movements who might not necessarily call themselves “activists” just yet. Together, we will work together for a vision that is truly inclusive, intergenerational and intersectional.


As movements, how do we respond to the intersecting crises exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Asia Solidarity Lab is an opportunity for activists, leaders and communities in Asia to come together as one movement to put people and planet at the heart of post-pandemic action

During the Asia Solidarity Lab, there will be:


Our panels will be an opportunity to reflect on movement-building in face of economic and environmental shocks. How do we come out of these stronger together, with visions for the future that take guidance from workers, vulnerable communities, frontliners and the youth?

Learning Sessions

There will be three cycles of exciting sessions about a diversity of topics, such as climate justice, LGBTQIA+ inclusivity, storytelling and many more. Get insights from leaders, movement workers, youth organizers and other awesome organizations.

Strategy Sessions

There will be deep-dive strategy sessions specifically on health, human rights, gender justice, youth organizing and climate finance campaigning. Our tip: go for the track you usually don’t go for and learn how we can stand in solidarity with other movements!

Cultural Performances

Musicians and artists will be sharing their pieces to inspire participants to sow hope through culture and the arts, inspiring wonder, reflection and imagination. There will be a space to co-create something before we close.


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Featured Speakers & Artists

This event will feature a powerful line-up of movement leaders from all over Asia, as well as interactive workshops and sessions for all experience levels.