Community Guidelines

The Asia Solidarity Lab on 24-25 September 2022 is an opportunity to come together to reflect on how we can genuinely stand in solidarity with each other’s fights, uplift local struggles and solutions, and unite our calls toward regenerative movement-building for the good of all.

We, as a global community engaged in building a world that is socially, economically, and environmentally more just, will strive to make this space safe for everyone. Everyone who joins the Asia Solidarity Lab will be expected to foster an environment that is empowering, engaging, transformative, and free of oppression for all participants.

By entering any of the online spaces of the Asia Solidarity Lab, you agree to our Community Norms. We do not tolerate any harmful, oppressive, exploitative, or abusive behavior that excludes, threatens, or disrespects others. We will remove access to the Lab from anyone who disrespects the below-mentioned Norms.

Community Norms

We shall use these norms as our guidance during the Asia Solidarity Lab event.

  • Communicate and behave respectfully with one another. Do not engage in behavior that excludes, threatens, exploits, or disrespects others, especially on the basis of gender identity, ability, immigration or citizenship status, ethnicity, age, nationality, sexuality, religion and belief, working status, income, class, or appearance.
  • We will not tolerate threats or attempts of violent or inappropriate behavior, verbal abuse, or insults of groups.
  • Be mindful of the language you use. Reflect on whether your words may offend anyone. Avoid using jargon and acronyms to foster a more inclusive space.
  • Be curious, not judgmental. Recognize that we cannot understand all the different experiences and barriers that people face.
  • Listen and engage actively, without disrupting. The beauty of this space is collaboration and mutual learning. Contribute to making this space organized and welcoming to everyone.
  • Be inclusive and respectful of various cultures, traditions, and languages. We are seeking a wide diversity of participants. Be open to different perspectives and beliefs. Be patient while others express themselves. Use plain language when speaking.
  • Reflect upon how our experiences and backgrounds shape our perspectives, forms of power, and privileges. Commit to challenging your own and others’ biased or discriminatory behaviors and comments, with kindness and respect.
  • This is not a secure platform. This is an open platform where anyone can join — and therefore no part of it should be considered “secure,” including networking or private chats, workshops, or any space in the conference. In addition, you may want to consider your own digital security, such as using VPN, pseudonyms, or keeping video off.
  • Don’t share your own or other people’s private information. This includes contact information, photos, or any other private information. We want to safeguard this for anyone to participate safely (including youth or people in insecure situations).
  • Workshops are recorded. All plenary and cultural sessions will be recorded so people who weren’t able to attend can view them later. Generally, these sessions will not include audience interaction, but you should be aware that anything said during those sessions may be shown later. Hosts of Workshops may ask participants for permission to record all or part of their sessions. It will be your own responsibility to let the facilitator/s of the sessions know if you do not want to be recorded. You will not be recorded without your permission, and can always request that a recording of a workshop be stopped.
  • Be open to feedback and deliver it with kindness. Assume best intentions and share suggestions and/or critiques, and be open to receiving them from others.

In case someone disrespects the guidelines:

We shall use these norms as our guidance during the Asia Solidarity Lab event.

  • Concerns and problems can be raised by participants to the facilitator of the sessions or via the email address, We reserve the right to mute, freeze, or remove someone’s account for any violation of these behaviors.
  • Facilitators will engage participants to encourage awareness of privileges, assumptions, and hierarchies, and call on participants to reflect on those.
  • Facilitators may choose to give a single reminder to participants who act outside these norms, to give them a chance to integrate feedback and change their behavior.
  • At their discretion, our facilitators will remove any participants engaging in excluding, threatening, or disrespectful behavior.

For minors (under 18 years old) attending the event:

We shall use these norms as our guidance during the Asia Solidarity Lab event.

  • Please make sure to have a parent or guardian fill out the following form: Legal Guardian Waiver Form for Participants Under 18 Years Old
  • If you don’t feel safe in any of the spaces—and especially if anyone in the program targets you, threatens you, or generally makes you feel unsafe—please approach one of our Virtual Ushers or Organizers so that we can help you. You can also send an email to our Logistics Coordinator at:

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