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Together, we will work for a vision that is genuinely inclusive, intergenerational and intersectional. On August 26 - 28, we will reflect and re-strategize on what it means to genuinely stand in solidarity with each other’s fights, uplift local struggles and solutions, and unite our calls towards regenerative movement-building for a just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic across the region.



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During the #AsiaSolidarityLab, we will come together to reflect on what it means to genuinely stand in solidarity with each other, and strategize how we can show up. Join us asiasolidaritylab.org

When social injustices and inequalities thrust into the spotlight, we’ll sow hope at the #AsiaSolidarityLab, and we’ll reap solidarity. Together. 

In the midst of the dual crisis of COVID and climate, the #AsiaSolidarityLab is a chance to come together to devise new strategies to implement solutions and expand solidarity.

The #AsiaSolidarityLab aims to bring together an intersectional, intergenerational and inclusive movement strengthening solidarity for all. 

This August, join an incredible opportunity for people around Asia to collectively reimagine our future. Sign up today. asiasolidaritylab.org #AsiaSolidarityLab

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While the intersection of today’s crises are becoming increasingly clear, the #AsiaSolidarityLab is here. We’re going to learn, strategize, and strengthen so we can confront this moment together.

From panels, to learning sessions, to performances — the #AsiaSolidarityLab is our time to come together so we can build back better.

It’s time to envision a post-pandemic future that centers climate and social justice. Join us at the #AsiaSolidarityLab August 26-28, 2021

As movements, we must mobilize together to meet the present moment. Join us for the #AsiaSolidarityLab.

This is a moment that demands we come together, learn from each other, and build bridges across diverse movements. Together we are stronger. #AsiaSolidarityLab

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