The Asia Solidarity Lab 2023

A glimpse into our roadmap this year

For the past few years, the Asia Solidarity Lab has brought together budding climate activists in unified digital spaces designed to foster learning and development even when physical spaces weren’t possible.

This year’s program, crafted under the theme of, “Powering up a movement for just energy solutions in Asia,” promises to be even more focused on supercharging the growth of the Asia Solidarity Lab Fellows’ Cohort. We aim to introduce more dedicated and intimate learning spaces, both online and off, created to support the Cohort’s evolution as leaders in the climate space.



Asia Solidarity Lab Fellowship (August 4-6)

The ASL 2023 Roadmap kicks off with the Asia Solidarity Lab Fellowship.

In contrast to last year’s iteration, which took place over several weeks, the 2023 Asia Solidarity Lab Fellowship was created to hold the attention and energy of the Fellows in one space over one weekend.

This year’s program design steers towards Organizing and Movement-Building towards Energy Justice and Just Transition. A specific focus on Training and Facilitation will also allow for further fleshing out the “training for trainers” aspect of the program more than ever before.

Asia Solidarity Lab (September 8-10)

350 Asia’s most recent in-person training program was the Asia Climate Leadership Camp in late 2019, which was successful in helping young climate leaders around Asia come into their own light in the time since the program.

Almost four years later, we are happy to return to an offline environment with the centerpiece of the Asia Solidarity Lab 2023 Roadmap.

Finally brought together in a physical space after getting to know one another at the Asia Solidarity Lab Fellowship, this piece of the program will complement the Fellowship with skillshares on Campaigning – from development to implementation.

The experience will then be capped off with what we have dubbed, “ASL Online.”

ASL Online (September 10)

The ASL Online program is designed with dual purposes in mind: as a culmination of the Asia Solidarity Lab Fellows’ Cohort’s journey and as a way to tie back to the ASL’s original intent as an online mass training program.

For this piece, the Fellows will have already been paired together to design Learning Sessions that will be presented at the ASL Online. While they will have the guidance and supervision of the Asia team, they will have the liberty to select their focus points, and put together their sessions however they wish.

Ultimately, we will integrate the Learning Sessions into a one-day program open to registrants all over Asia who are interested in further learning, or are just curious about the valuable insights presented by the brilliant Fellows in their respective sessions.

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

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